X12CrNiMo12 Bar for highly loaded Blades/Vanes

December 19, 2023 | Tags: X12CrNiMo12, 1-4939,

December 19,2023

X12CrNiMo12 Bar for highly loaded Blades/Vanes

Part / Bauteil

Bar for highly loaded Blades /Vanes (ESR)

Material designation: X12CrNiMo12 + QT900 / Material - No. 1.4939 +QT900

Delivery condition

Forged or rolled , quenched and tempered , stress relieved after bending

Terms of delivery LW 1.4939

Similar materials: AMS 5719 / 1.4938, X12CrNiMoV12-3

Heat analysis %

0.08-0.13max 0.350.50-0.90max 0.025max 0.00511.00-12.500.80-1.202.00-3.000.25-0.400.02-0.04

Mechanical Properties - longitudinal , RT

0.2%-proof strength (N/mm2)tensile strengthelongationreduction of areaimpact energyhardness
min 785900-1100min 14for informationmin 40

Fabrication method: ESR ( Electro Slag Remelted )

Test specimen

Location : center of cross -section ; One tensile test and one set for impact test of the hardest and softest bar of each batch (=same melt + production batch + heat treatment batch )

Heat treatment

Quenched and tempered to QT900 , minimum tempering temperature : 640 ° C . After quenching the part needs to be cooled long enough to ensure that the martensitic transformation of the microstructure is completed . Stess relieving after bending . Stress relieve temperature : 30-50 °C below last tempering temperature. Min . holding time for tempering and stress relieving : 2 minutes / mm of bar thickness or . diameter It shall be guaranteed that the microstructure is quenched and tempered and homogeneous over the entire cross - section .

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