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B50A365, B50A365B, <font color=red><strong>403</strong></font>Cb+

B50A365, B50A365B, 403Cb+

403Cb+ ESR Stainless, Alloy Steel for Fasteners. 403Cb+ steel is EN 10269 heat-resistant steel and is used for fasteners. 403Cb+ martensitic stainless steel is characterized by high-temperature streng

1.<font color=red><strong>403</strong></font>7, X65Cr13

1.4037, X65Cr13

1.4037, X65Cr13 is characterised by its high hardenability in conjunction with good corrosion resistance in moderately corrosive environments.

<font color=red><strong>403</strong></font>Cb, 410Cb, B50A790, XM-30, UNS S41040

403Cb, 410Cb, B50A790, XM-30, UNS S41040

B50A947 403Cb, 410Cb is a martensitic stainless steel, this alloy has higher strength and toughness, mainly used in Power Generation.

AISI <font color=red><strong>403</strong></font>, AISI 410, UNS S<font color=red><strong>403</strong></font>00, UNS S41000

AISI 403, AISI 410, UNS S40300, UNS S41000

GE B50A947, B7B20A, SIEMENS 10705BC, 10705AT, 10725AH, 10725BA, 916208, APP-MV11-Z0-020, 090-297